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Polaris Patriot 850 Turbo Kit

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  • $3,750.00
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The Axys 850 is an absolute beast under boost. The strongest motor Polaris has ever built, it has responded incredibly well to forced induction. 

There are two options for 2020 , our standard tried and true external wastegate kit as well as an intercooled kit. Most riders running 3-7psi will find the simplicity and cleanliness of the standard kit to suit them. Those looking for the coolest charge temps and highest boost, the water to air setup is going to be your ticket!

US Pricing (in US Dollars)

  • External wastegate  $3,750
  • External wastegate with water to air intercooler $4,500

This is our 3rd generation ECU reflash kit and it does not disappoint. If you are looking for stock-like ridability with all the power of a turbo this is your kit. A few things set us apart from the competition.

  • ECU Reflash. No piggyback. We reprogram the stock ECU (don't worry you can flash it back to stock) to take control of the fueling demands for a turbo. This is why our kits run so smoothly across all elevations and riding conditions
  • 2860 Custom Turbo: For certain reasons, we can't go into all the details, but rest assured, our turbo's center section is now built in the USA by one of the biggest turbo manufacturers in the world. 
  • External Wastegate: For the price of the "other guys" internal kit, you get a full TurboSmart external wastegate. This allows for better boost control and easy boost adjustment
  • Easy Install: Our kits install in a matter of hours using common shop tools
  • Everything you need to get on snow: Adjustable Clutching Included!