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Iceage Stryker A-Arms

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Stryker arms are tailor-made to meet the needs of riders that refuse to compromise.

Our high-clearance lower A-arm has been fully engineered and thoroughly tested in the field to give you maximum strength without risking damage to your sled. Our forged aluminum design and precision machined finish allows us to create a part with smooth sculpted edges and increased clearance height across the entire front section, not just the middle like our competitors. This further reduces your chances of snagging and helps you glide over obstacles without getting caught up. To top it off, every set of Stryker arms is anodized black for a sleek and durable finish.

When developing our design, we found the OEM Axys React A-Arm to be incredibly light, but prone to bending unnecessarily in many load cases. On the other hand, there are many welded steel aftermarket arms available that move this vital component’s failure point to the tie rod end as a stopgap. However, a failure at this critical control point in your front end can result in instantaneous ski dive, putting your safety at risk. By utilizing FEA load case analysis together with an intensive testing process, we have engineered a stronger a-arm that won't put your safety or your bulkhead at risk, while being comparable in weight to OEM.  

We utilize OEM-style pivot bushings on the bulkhead and spindle mounts for unmatched consistency and durability.  

Each set comes with bushings - fully assembled - and ready for installation. No messing around with frustrating press-fit components, just quick and easy OEM-like install.


Stryker Arms

  • Engineered, not fabricated
  • Precision fit/finish
  • Usable clearance across the whole arm
  • Increased strength
  • Comparable weight to OEM
  • Non-proprietary design for OEM part interchangeability
  • #mtnproven design - protect your sled and reduce injury risk in extreme cases
  • 100% manufactured and assembled in the USA