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Sea Doo Spark SuperCharger

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We are now taking orders! We are offering 40 of our first customers a $250 discount (priced in below). We have limited supply of these kits for this summer, if you are interested, we heavily suggest putting down your $500 deposit ASAP as we anticipate selling out quickly. Deposit will be applied to pricing below, rest due prior to shipping.

Current Pricing:

  • Base Kit: $4245 (usually $4495)
  • DynoJet PowerVision Add on: $500
  • High Boost Pully Add on: $100
  • Intercooler: Not available yet, pricing not yet determined. Can be added on to any existing kit.

When the Seadoo Spark was released it changed the industry. It reversed the trend of bigger and more expensive skis and focused on something more affordable, lightweight, fun to rip around. The only downside was the lack of power provided by the ACE motor.

Silber Turbos began developing a supercharger kit for this application knowing that an increase in power would make this machine a real game changer. We began the development process with 5 key principals in mind. 

  1. OEM Reliability 
  2. Run on premium pump fuel
  3. Support higher power levels by only changing a pully, adding race fuel and making a prop change
  4. 100% bolt on with regular hand tools; no cutting, welding or grinding required.
  5. Provide the best value on water

We have met all our objectives with this supercharger kit and transformed the Silber Turbo Seadoo Spark into one of the most fun skis on the water.

We offer the kit with optional DynoJet PowerVision (+$500). We highly recommend this addition. Please head to our DynoJet tab (above) for more information. We also offer this kit with a two pully options, one for pump gas and one for race gas. If you'd like the race gas pully, please select from the above list. It will add $100 to your order when due. 

In the coming months we will also offer an intercooler. This is *not* required, as all testing was done thus far without one. That said, we know a certain percentage of buyers will be looking for lower charge temps, especially during extended WOT pulls. We do not have a price on this product at the moment nor an anticipated delivery. We will be focusing on the first 40 orders we receive first! 


Below is what we include with the kit.

  • ProCharger Belt Driven Supercharger
  • Intercooler Upgrade Available in near future (note; you do not need this to run the kit and it can be added later)
  • Custom 6 ply silicone charge tubes
  • Robust Aluminum CNC Billet Motor Mount
  • Cog Pulleys
  • Exhaust Piping and WaterBox
  • Replacement 3 bar Bosch Map Sensor
  • Custom hi flow fuel injectors
  • Optional DynoJet Powervision ( Flash and Diagnose your ecu)
  • Ecu Remap
  • All hardware, fittings and hoses
  • Featuring ECU reflash of the OEM to eliminate the need for any piggyback controllers.


Below are our suggested impeller sizes. We realize impeller sizing is very much personal preference, but these have delivered the most well rounded supercharger performance in our testing sessions. We do *not* include these with the kit. 

  • 12/17 impeller 5-6 psi
  • 13/18 impeller 7-8 psi

How in the world do we fuel properly for the supercharger? Answer is simple - we've built a custom fuel map for the kit, this map utilizes all factory sensors to give you OEM like performance all without a piggyback controller. 

To perform the supercharger kit reflash, you have two options

  1. Send us the ECU for a flash 
  2. Purchase the add on DynoJet Powervision to perform your own flash.

We *highly* suggest you go with the DyonJet. Not only does it allow you to flash the ECU the day you receive the kit, but it gives you additional insight into the machine's performance, allows you to data log and clear codes on your own. Simply, it gives you more control over the entire package, allowing for reflashes without sending anything through the mail.